Confirmed Sponsors

We are pleased to confirm the below sponsors and exhibitors. The exhibition will be in the Green Heart Marquee and open daily during registration and all refreshment/lunch breaks.

Gold sponsors

Our mission is to satisfy the thirst to understand the human brain.
MEGIN is the global leader for Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Technology. We are experts in detecting and visualizing brain function, working together with clinicians, scientists, and healthcare organizations, as well as other partners to develop, deliver and support our MEG technology. Our technology and its applications transform neuroscience research and clinical decision making to improve people’s health.

Silver sponsors

Cerca Magnetics is a biomagnetic imaging company formed in 2020 to commercialise OPM-MEG technology developed by its founders. Since inception we have installed systems with our patented technology in Europe and North America, with further installations planned in the next 12 months. As recent publications have demonstrated, our fully-integrated and wearable system yields high quality MEG data and provides researchers opportunities that were previously inaccessible; such as lifespan compliance and movement studies.

Compumedics is a world-leading supplier of innovative medical technology for patient monitoring. The company’s technologies and products are distributed to clients around the globe for neuroscience research and to help millions of people who suffer from debilitating sleep, neurological and other healthcare problems. The Orion LifeSpan™ MEG system is the culmination of decades of development, including innovative sensors, fully integrated high-density EEG, sophisticated electronics and the powerful CURRY neuroimaging platform. It is the only MEG optimized for both pediatric and adult subjects, even allowing hyperscanning of two subjects simultaneously. New technology allows 100% recovery of helium with absolutely no downtime.


QuSpin, Inc. is developing highly sensitive MEG sensor technology based on optically pumped magnetometers. At BioMag 2022, we will showcase our technical progress and the latest hardware suitable for portable MEG systems.


BESA incorporates expert know-how in comprehensive software tools for Neuroscientists and Neurologists

BESA GmbH was founded as MEGIS Software GmbH in 1995 by Dr. Michael Scherg. It is a leading company in the field of EEG / MEG analysis and a home base for highly skilled people. Our products have been developed on the basis of 30 years’ experience in human brain research. BESA provides state-of-the-art scientific analysis tools covering the complete range of neurophysiological applications. We strive to bring you the latest methods for advanced EEG and MEG analysis in a user – friendly and optimized implementation.

FieldLine Medical is offering the HEDscan system, a wearable whole-head high-density MEG system based on our OPM sensor technology. HEDscan is a full turn-key MEG system that can be configured with 128 sensors or more. It uses a flexible smart helmet that conforms to the head shape and size and can automatically and quickly localize sensor positions with high accuracy. The system integrates active field compensation, HPI coils, multi-channel analog and digital inputs/outputs, patient monitoring, and its own mini MSR for a complete MEG solution.

TDK Global

The Nivio xMR sensor is designed for the applications of very small ac magnetic field measurements. The sensor can be operated under the 60 uT dc in case that the recommended circuit is used. In addition, the sensor enables very small ac magnetic field measurements with Pico Tesla level.