Award Winners

James Zimmerman Prize

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Jiri Vrba has received the Biomag2020 James Zimmerman Prize, which is awarded on the basis of significant contributions to novel SQUID-based or new generation sensor developments and their applications in the field of biomagnetism. Dr. Vrba is one of the pioneers of MEG technology and has made outstanding and lasting contributions to many aspects of MEG hardware, software and experimental research throughout his career. Dr. Vrba’s career has spanned the gamut of MEG methods development, from SQUID optimisation to the development of whole-head systems, noise cancellation systems and source estimation.

Mid-Career Award

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Stephanie Jones has received the Biomag2020 Mid-Career Award for her transformative contributions to the field of biomagnetism research. Dr. Jones’ work on the mechanisms of beta “oscillations” and biologically-principled mathematical and computational models will significantly influence biomagnetism research for years to come. Her research is fundamentally cross-disciplinary and provides a link between cellular network circuitry models of brain activity and whole-head MEG signals.