Oral and poster presentations

Oral presentations

All oral presenters have been allocated a day to present. These will take place on:

  • Monday: 12.15 – 13.15
  • Tuesday: 12.30 – 13.30
  • Wednesday: 12.30 – 13.30

Please view this document to see the list of oral presentations and when they will take place.

All oral presentations are 10 minutes long and will be presented in the order they appear in the above document.

Poster presentations

Each in-person poster is only to be displayed for one day of the conference.  This means you will be required to put your poster up at the start of the day you are presenting on and to take it down after the afternoon break on the same day. Pins will be available for you to use to attach your poster.

All posters (in-person and virtual) are listed by the day you are due to present (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday), whether you are in-person or virtual, and then categorised into one of the below themes:


  • Development and life span
  • OPM, MCG and hardware
  • Working and long-term memory


  • Clinical applications
  • Data analysis and modelling


  • Attention and higher cognition
  • Language, reading, speech and music
  • Motor system
  • Resting-state and network dynamics
  • Sensory system

All posters (in-person and virtual) that have been sent to us in advance will be added to the virtual platform for all to view just prior to the start of, and throughout the conference. You will receive your login details to the virtual platform separately, this will include guidance on how to use and present your poster.

Poster Number Guidance

All posters have been given a number, which is different to your submission ID. This number is made up of two letters and a number.

The first letter indicates whether you are due to present In-Person (I) or Virtually (V).

The second letter indicates which day you are due to present on, Monday (M), Tuesday (T) or Wednesday (W).

This is then followed by a number, if presenting a poster in person, this number corresponds to which number poster board you will be asked to put your poster up on the day you are due to present.

For instance, a poster number of IT-34 indicates an In-person poster, due to be presented on Tuesday on poster board 34.

You can search for your poster/s in this document by pressing ‘Ctrl and F’ at the same time. Then type in your last name into the box, which should appear towards the top of the page.

Please view this document to see all poster details.

In-person Poster Dimensions:
• The preferred poster size is: AO (32.7 x 45.4 inches/ 83.0 x 115.4 cm)
• Please ensure your poster does not exceed the poster board dimensions; 1m wide x 2m high.
• The poster must be displayed as portrait.