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The BIOMAG meeting is a biennial international conference with a focus on biomagnetism. The topic of biomagnetism includes the measurement of magnetic signals from the human body, such as brain activity, as well as the development of new magnetic sensors. The biomagnetism community is highly productive and generates thousands of high-profile publications a year on cognitive neuroscience, clinical neuroscience and cardiology, as well as the development of software tools and new sensor technology.

The United Kingdom (UK) has a strong community on biomagnetism with a focus on magnetoencephalography (MEG). There are 10 MEG sites in the United Kingdom, two in Birmingham alone. Seminal work on biomagnetism was done at Aston University in the centre of Birmingham. The UK biomagnetism community is vibrant and collaborative, making the UK an ideal setting for hosting the BIOMAG2020 meeting.

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK, with a rich cultural life. The city is located in the heart of England, providing excellent opportunities to visit the wider area. The meeting itself will be hosted on the campus of the University of Birmingham. This historic red-brick university has excellent conference facilities, and allows for the meeting to be held in an academic setting.


Prof. Ole Jensen Centre for Human Brain Health, University of Birmingham and Chair BIOMAG2022

Dr. Matthew J. Brookes Associate Professor, School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Nottingham and Co-Chair BIOMAG 2022